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Balloon Vault News!

Happy New Year everyone!
This year I will am preparing to produce a lot of balloons. I am busy making lots of formers to ramp up production.
I was planning on a January sale but I will have to move it to early February. I could do a sale now but I want to offer lots of variety and lots of inventory. I am making balloons daily to get ready.  The dates and times will be announced.   
For that sale I will be making more EnorMouse balloons
along with other balloons that have been requested. This is going to be a good sale. Thank you for your patience.

Going forward, sales will be planned for one weekend a month
For those purchasing from Australia, please know that
the Australian government has put restrictions
on how things are to be shipped. They will only accept package shipped Express mail, which can be very costly.  



Looking for something totally new? Search the Vault for original balloon designs that are totally unique from all other balloons. Remember those unique balloons from the past? You can find some of them again today in the Vault!

The Balloon Vault has reproduced older styles of balloons. Some of these retro styles have been modified to combine the best of the original shape with a flare of something new. Some have been made bigger while others have been given longer necks for a new look to an old style. The Balloon Vault also has more common styles of balloons that are made a little different from commercially made balloons. Most of our round balloons have been made with longer necks for added fun.

Our balloons are made with our specially formulated latex that gives them strength, stretch & just the right amount of softness.


dipped latex
blue latex
handmade balloon
These special hand-dipped balloons are made available for sale as they are made. Therefore, not all balloon shapes, sizes, and colors are available all the time.

These balloons go fast, so get them while you can! See CURRENT Availability Below

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dipped latex