Aeromax – 41″ Airship Balloon

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The AEROMAX started out as a mistake. I wanted a former that was the size of the AEROSHIP; but the ceramic artist who made it, made it bigger. Well, sometimes bigger is better, and the AEROMAX was born.

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
41 inches long, 18 inches wide



Colors Available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Clear. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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The Aeromax – 41″ Airship Balloon

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
41 inches long, 18 inches wide

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6 reviews for Aeromax – 41″ Airship Balloon

  1. Micheal Brown

    I purchased 4 Boss Dolls and a 41 inch Aeroship balloons, and to my surprise they were the best quality balloons I have ever purchased. My hats off to the man who goes above and beyond his workmanship to bring his clients the best products ever made. If anyone ever gets the chance to attend the next sale that this store puts together you can be rest assured you will receive the best quality custom made balloons ever, with the best craftmanship used to make them. Thank you for the Balloons.

  2. ChillGuy

    The Aeromax is truly one of the best balloons on the market – I say “one of the best” only because there are so many great choices on TBV, that it’s hard to select just one balloon as “the best.” The quality of this balloon, like all TBV offerings, is exceptional. The balloon lasts for a long time, and retains its shape, color and strength through multiple inflations.

  3. Zeloon

    The Aeromax is 1 of the most comfortable balloons i ever had. The width felt like the perfect size that just fits. And like all of BV balloons, the latex felt amazing and strong.

    However, the front and back tends to over-stretch on subsequent inflation, leading to a major flaw and weakness. In which my enjoyment was quite short-lived.

    Nevertheless, the aeromax did lived up to its name and provided quite a unique experience never had before indeed.

  4. LoonerPlanet

    Very cool balloon. Big, fat and with a nice neck. The latex feels softer and more flexible than other balloons. Mine got taller than 41″ on the first inflation. If the old jellybean balloons had looked and felt like this, I would have bought them by the caseload. Highly recommended.

  5. PE

    Fantastic balloon! very durable, the neck is amazing and very versatile!

  6. Josh

    I’ve already reviewed the aeroship (the aeromax’s smaller bro) – and given it the title of best balloon ever. If the aeroship is perfect then aeromax is equally as perfect.

    Its a bit like basically seeing what it’d be like to keep an aeroship on the inflator for 10 more seconds – and these become stunningly large – again without turning into something bumper sized like a gl500 or bigger. As i said on the aeroship – these have the sturdiness, tautness, transparency and the loud bangs of a 16”-24” balloon. Where the aeromax probably has a loud pop – I would imagine this takes it up to 11. And again – have no fear – you have to be taking a two footed running jump onto this to burst it. If you pop this – you deserved it!

    You wait for a jellybean to come along and two come at once! I love the Aeromax just a few more inches than I love the Aeroship – and that’s saying something.

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