About the Vault

The Balloon Vault is the place to find truly unique shapes and styles of balloons. In the Vault you will find balloons that are reminiscent of past balloons, more common shapes with a twist, and new shapes that have never been made before.

  • The Balloon Vault is the only place where you can find hand dipped balloons made with natural latex.
  • The latex that they are made from is a combination of two different latices (the plural of latex). One is a regular latex that most balloons are made from. The other is a very soft, stretchy latex that gives our balloons a softer, stretchier quality that is absolutely amazing.
  • The balloons are clear with a little bit of color. They are more transparent than jewel tone colors. The colors I make are red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and green.

Balloon Designs

  • Some of the designs are reproductions of past balloons. Do you remember the balloons you use to see at the corner store when you were a kid? There were lots of fun shapes and sizes that you don’t see anymore. Sadly, most of those old designs are gone. I have been looking to find some of those old designs to bring them back. Sometimes I will reproduce them exactly and other times I will modify them to add some flare. I have taken some older designs and added longer necks. I have taken some designs and made them bigger and taller. The balloons from long ago were fun, and I enjoy bringing some of them back.



Round balloons are the most common shapes. I make a number of round balloons but with a little extra. The round formers that I use have lots of room to make long necks. So, I take advantage of the extra size and make round balloons with very long necks. If you pre-stretch the necks, some of my round balloons will have necks that are as long as the body of the balloon.

Some of the formers that I use, make balloons that I had never seen before. Because of this, I can offer unique balloons like the Crocodile Tear and the Teardrop that you cannot find anywhere else. They are wonderful, large paddle balloons. I make them with a very long neck for added style.

I also make some totally original designs. I design them on my computer, print out the pattern, and cut the former out of sheet PVC. I have made some very strange but fun balloons.

Along the line of original designs, I have also taken some balloon shapes and made them bigger. The EnorMouse is one example. It is the biggest mouse head balloon available with the ears stretching out to 60 inches wide. Now that is one big mouse!

I have been making balloons since 2013. It is an art form that is fun, challenging, and is a wonderful way to work your imagination. I am happy to make them available to you. I hope you enjoy them.

~ The Keeper of the Vault