Big Bear – 72″ Figure Balloon

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The BIG BEAR is the papa bear of balloons! This is no little cub.  It was modeled after a big bear balloon that was discontinued almost 15 years ago. The basic shape is the same, but it has been redesigned. The ears were specially designed to be big, plump, and more distinct. This really is “new and improved”.

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
72 inches tall,  34 inches wide at the ears


See Special Inflation Instructions Below

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Clear and Yellow. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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Big Bear – Figure Balloon

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
72 inches tall,  34 inches wide at the ears

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Special Inflation Instructions

The Big Bear balloon has many chambers that must be inflated in a certain order to give you the greatest chance of success. Please read the following instructions fully before inflating.

Hold the whole balloon in your hand or against something

Take one ear out of your hand and inflate just that one ear fully

Release the air from the ear. This pre-stretches that part of the balloon

Hold the whole balloon in your hand and take out the other ear

Inflate the second ear fully and release the air

Hold the whole balloon in your hand and take out both ears

Inflate both ears trying to inflate them evenly

When the ears are fully inflated release your hand and inflate the head

When the head is ¾ the way inflated hold the narrow part between the head and body

Start inflating the body

When the body is half way inflated, release the narrow part between the head and body

You can finish inflating the balloon to get it to the proper size.

6 reviews for Big Bear – 72″ Figure Balloon

  1. DeflationTactics

    This papa bear is intoxicatingly soft. I was scared its ears were going to pop but it survived my hour of abuse while bouncing and snuggling it. I wish I could’ve ordered more….

  2. Allen

    Literally a big mouse head on a doll body, I never knew I needed one of these but defenatly a new favorite. Highly recommend

  3. ChillGuy

    The Big Bear balloon is one of the best balloons ever designed. Its size and shape are truly amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever come into contact with a balloon quite like it. Like all TBV balloons, the latex is both strong and soft – how TBV manages to produce latex balloons with that combination of stretchiness and firmness is part of what makes TBV balloons so special! The shape, color and aroma of the Big Bear balloons I’ve ordered have been top notch – so happy that these balloons were invented – I plan on ordering them for as long as they’re available!

  4. Matt

    A really strong stretchy balloon, exceeded my expectations on it’s size and feel and held up to play. Develops a sweet scent as time goes on but remains just as strong!
    I’m writing this review two month or three after my purchase and after inflating it multiple times and I do not regret a cent I spent!

  5. Looner Anon

    Great balloon, strong, sturdy and easy to inflate.

    Came with easy to follow instructions on how to inflate properly. No difficulties getting it to it’s proper shape.

    Would recommend if you’re looking to try something different or are a fan of figurine shaped balloons.

  6. Looner mets

    Amazing balloon, high quality latex and easy to inflate.
    If you are looking for something different you should try one of these.

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