Crocodile Tear – 30″ Paddle Balloon

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The CROCODILE TEAR balloon is a huge paddle balloon with a beautiful teardrop shape. It is made with a long neck to add to the teardrop effect. Since it is a paddle balloon, it is not fully round.  It is wider on the front and thinner on the side.  This balloon is very impressive and is not found anywhere else.

Approx. Inflated Dimensions: 
43 inches long,  30 inches front, 27 inches side


See Special Inflation Instructions Below

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow and Clear. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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Crocodile Tear – Paddle Balloon

Approx. Inflated Dimensions: 
44 inches long,  30 inches front, 27 inches side

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Special Inflation Instructions

To inflate this balloon with a longer neck, you can follow these simple instructions.

Hold the body of the balloon in such a way as to prevent it from inflating.

Inflate the neck fully, then release the body and continue inflating to proper size.

If the neck shrinks back as the body inflates, keep inflating until the body gets big. Then you can stop inflating and push down on the body of the balloon to push air back into the neck. Then, top off with a little more air if desired.

After inflation, you may want to release a little air to make the balloon a little more pliable.

2 reviews for Crocodile Tear – 30″ Paddle Balloon

  1. Poprnot

    These things check all the boxes. They’re soft, stretchy and strong! I’m a sucker for paddles, too and can’t wait to see what happens with multiple inflations.

  2. Dan

    I’m a sucker for giant paddle balloons, and this is one of the best! I was hesitant with my first one. They squeek more than I was used to from commercial balloons, and it felt so fragile after a good inflation. But don’t let that fool you! My first one is on its 5th inflation so far, and has grown to close to the size of a well inflated China 36 paddle.
    For my second, I decided to be a bit rougher, and so far, it has survived two inflations. I’m very impressed.

    You know… I have an old Tilly 40 that I’m afraid to inflate anymore… Maybe I need to take some measurements and send in a request 😉

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