Tear Drop – 25″ Paddle Balloon


The TEARDROP is the smaller cousin of the Crocodile Tear. Though it is the smaller cousin, this is no small balloon. With the body being a little smaller, this balloon is able to have a long and distinct neck. This is a paddle shaped balloon, so it is not fully round. The side is a little thinner than the front. This impressive balloon is a TBV exclusive.

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
40 inches long,  25 inches front,  22 inches side

See Special Inflation Instructions Below

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Clear. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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Tear Drop – Paddle Balloon

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
40 inches long,  25 inches front,  22 inches side


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Special Inflation Instructions

To inflate this balloon with a longer neck, you can follow these simple instructions.

Hold the body of the balloon in such a way as to prevent it from inflating.

Inflate the neck fully, then release the body and continue inflating to proper size.

If the neck shrinks back as the body inflates, keep inflating until the body gets big. Then you can stop inflating and push down on the body of the balloon to push air back into the neck. Then, top off with a little more air if desired.

After inflation, you may want to release a little air to make the balloon a little more pliable.


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