Aeroship – 41″ Airship Balloon

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The AEROSHIP was supposed to be a reproduction of the Jellybean balloons. Then, as it evolved, it became longer, a little wider, and developed a longer neck. Actually, the original Jellybeans had nearly no neck. So, this one has the neck that the Jellybean should have had (in my opinion).

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
41 inches long,  13.25 inches wide


Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green,  Yellow, Orange, Purple. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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Aeroship – 41″ Airship Balloon

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
41 inches long,  13.25 inches wide


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5 reviews for Aeroship – 41″ Airship Balloon

  1. chad

    I like them they feel very nice wish they where just a bit stronger and little bit more strech to them

  2. Richard Mcdowell

    These balloons are top notch. I like the way they lighten once they are inflated. I will order more soon.

  3. ChillGuy

    This balloon is another TBV special – take a balloon you know and like (the jelly bean) and then improve it in almost every way possible. The aeroship balloon has a great shape, an almost perfect width and length, and a great neck. Like all TBV balloons, the aeroship inflates easily, and gets bigger and better with each re-inflation. The colors of this balloon are fantastic, and the latex is strong, stretchy and soft. If you like airship balloons, this is the new gold standard. The aeromax balloon, which is a close relative, is fantastic too, with all the same great qualities of the aeroship, just wider and longer.

  4. Andy

    This is so much better than the old jellybean balloons and very impressive quality as well. Easy to inflate to its full potential and strong! No fears here about over inflating either which was very impressive! I will definitely be getting more of these!

  5. Josh

    I have been waiting for a replacement to the jellybean for about 10 years and it’s finally here and absolutely amazing. This is immediately my new all time favourite balloon. Uninflated you could just tell the quality of the latex was top notch – the colours were fun and bright, and the latex smell was gorgeous. Inflating it – it felt really sturdy and durable, not the kind of balloon you have to carefully inflate – no, just blow this sucker up and have no fear! It was super taut at full inflation without being weak or stretchy and could take a really REALLY strong squeeze under both arms (even when necked) without popping and I was VERY much trying to.

    I would say these are absolutely perfect, the absolute perfect shape, top quality, amazing price, very overinflatable, amazing shape, really shiny practically glistening and clear, yet sturdy at full inflation.

    Haven’t popped one yet (soon!) until I buy some more but I can imagine them to be pretty loud if the quality is anything to go by. I always remembered airships being some of the loudest bangs around. It’s going to take some serious and intentional abuse to make that happen – the quality control here is intense.

    Truly, Its the fact that these have the support and wrestlable size of something like a q16, but the shape of a GL700 that makes these so damn perfect.

    My prayers have been answered and I already want a hundred more! Cannot wait to try out the moab if this is anything to go by.

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