Grand MOAB – 108″ Airship

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The GRAND M.O.A.B. (Grand Mother of All Balloons) is a truly amazing balloon. At 9 feet (2.74 meters) tall you may not be able to stand it up in a normal room. And make sure you inflate it in the room you want to keep it in. At 3 feet (91.44 cm) wide, it may not fit through most doors. These measurements are on the conservative side. Don’t be surprised if you are able to get it a little bigger. This is one lives up the name Grand!

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
108 inches tall,  36 inches wide


Colors Available: Clear.


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GRAND MOAB (Grand Mother of All Balloons) – 108″ Airship

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
108 inches tall,  36 inches wide

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Special Inflation Instructions

To inflate this balloon, you can follow these simple instructions.

Hold the balloon and start inflating from the end first.

Once the balloon has started from the end, release the balloon and inflate as normal.

The balloon will inflate toward the lip.

4 reviews for Grand MOAB – 108″ Airship

  1. Lee

    What a balloon. Let’s just say it was definitely worth buying. The balloon can definitely go bigger than the conservative size. I managed to get it to 10 feet in height. Definitely the best balloon iv brought from any site.

  2. Poprnot

    These things are amazing! At an unbelievable size, there’s still endless room for fun. Never thought I would see anything like it. Incredible quality and super fast, friendly service.

  3. Josh

    The Grand Moab is in a word: ridiculous. If youre asking – how far can balloons actually physically go in terms of size – look no further. Its crystal clear (almost condom clear) latex means you can barely see it at all if you have the guts to put that much air in it (I did!).

    It combines the insane swelling girth of a GL800 (a rounder airship balloon) but at a size and shape that makes the GL1200 look small.

    Even with the highest powered electric pump this takes a while to blow to it’s max and the anxeity of watching something grow to this size is heart racing. Yet, after counting down about 10 times from 10 while holding it to the pump this just continued to get longer and longer, wider and wider, until I had to chicken out before I made a bang that could be heard around the world!

    Once it was at it’s almost bursting max – you can tie it off and unlike the cattex and rifco balloons – it’s light as a feather. I could actually bat it around the room – and even at max when poked with table corners it just took it – though my heart did nearly jump out of my mouth!

    Again, the hallmark of all of these balloons is the absolutely amazing latex quality – imagine if Belbal made a super oversized GL1200 and this is basically that. The amazing – clear, taut latex that can be inflated to rock solid and flicked so that it makes a satisfying ting sound but at humungous dimensions.

    This is the best 20 bucks ever spent!

    P.s shipping was incredibly fast, affordable and discreet! This site is willy wonka’s factory. Cannot wait to see the future creations and try out the whole range.

  4. Charlie

    Where do I even begin. This is simply the best balloon that has ever come to market. Not only will it’s massive size leave you in absolute awe, but it’s sheer strength will be enough to satisfy any ideas you’re willing to throw at it. If you’re willing to test the limits, it will grow well beyond the rated size. Don’t hesitate and get this balloon. You can thank me later.

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