EnorMouse – 60″ Figure Balloon

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The EnorMouse (enormous) is the biggest latex mouse head balloon in the world! Yes, that’s right, the WORLD! If you are a fan of mouse head balloons this is a must have. But make sure you have lots of room for it. This is like nothing you have seen before. The ears are big, and round and the body is very large. It looks impressive in the photo, but in person, you will be blown away!

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
65 inches tall  60 inches wide


See Special Inflation Instructions Below

Colors Available: Clear


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EnorMouse – Figure Balloon

Approx. Inflated Dimensions:
65 inches tall,  60 inches wide

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Special Inflation Instructions

Mouse head balloons, along with other balloons that have chambers, need to have their chambers inflated in a certain order to give you the greatest chance of success. You can follow these simple instructions:

Hold the whole balloon in your hand or against something

Take one ear out of your hand and inflate just that one ear fully

Release the air from the ear. This pre-stretches that part of the balloon

Hold the whole balloon in your hand and take out the other ear

Inflate the second ear fully and release the air

Hold the whole balloon in your hand and take out both ears

Inflate both ears trying to inflate them evenly

When the ears are fully inflated release the head of the balloon and inflate the rest of the way

8 reviews for EnorMouse – 60″ Figure Balloon

  1. Lonatickity

    This mouse is… the best I’ve ever inflated. All the reviews are right-this is THE mouse balloon to have! The warnings are right too-you’re gonna need a LOT of room for it! Once fully inflated, it makes for great pictures with other balloons! I also recommend an inflator or something to help properly inflate the balloon; doing this by mouth is one of the most difficult things I have ever done! Nonetheless, you have to have one of these. If you love big balloons and love seeing them inflate like I do, you will NOT be disappointed!

  2. Allen

    Don’t dare stretch these things all the way out a couple of times, I got my first ones ears to the size of those 36″ china balloons and the body was twice as big and then it over inflated the neck and I ran out of room to blow it up. Heed the warnings and the name these are Enormouse

  3. ChillGuy

    All the reviews above of the EnorMouse balloon do a great job describing this totally incredible balloon, so I don’t have much to add except that I agree with all of them 100%. This is the best mouse head balloon ever created and beats anything on the market. The size of this balloon is hard to believe, even if you’ve been told it’s big. It’s huge and the proportions of the balloon – the size of the ears and the head – are perfect. This balloon – like all TBV balloons – inflates easily if you follow the very well written directions. Once you buy the EnorMouse, you won’t be satisfied with any other mouse head balloon – it’s that amazing.

  4. Andy

    This Enormouse is really amazing! Excellent quality latex and easy to inflate following the supplied instructions. Stays soft even when fully inflated and is way beyond other figure balloons I have tried. Just make sure you inflate it in the room you want to keep it in cause it won’t fit through the door!

  5. Looner mets

    If you like mouse head balloons this is a completely different experience.

    Wasn’t hard to inflate the ears and is extremely soft and strechy.

    I blew it near to the maximum … Is a strong balloon in comparison to others shapes like rifco mouse and cattex.

    Is such an amazing balloon and I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy it.

  6. Poprnot

    This is the holy grail of figure balloons! Everything said above is true – Strong, Soft, Unbelievable.
    I stretched the tips of the ears by hand to get off to a really easy start and then did all the work with a small inflator pump. Worked great and took no time at all. The ears got NICE AND FULL without being terribly tight before a gentle tug coaxed the rest of the balloon to start inflating. Never had so much fun!

  7. LoonerPlanet

    Brad Harris’s review captured my own reactions to the EnorMouse. Imagine 2 24″ balloons as ears. Then stick them on a 36″ balloon. That is what the EnorMouse looks like. A mouse balloon on steroids.

    I took a wonderful 20 minutes carefully blowing up this monster for the first time. (I do recommend using a pump for at least part of the inflation; there is a lot of balloon to blow up.) Yet, it turn out to be really easy to inflate by following the directions. Moreover, the balloon stayed surprisingly soft and squeezable the whole way. I haven’t been this amazed by a balloon since my first Q24.

  8. Brad Harris

    It’s EnorMouse! Seriously, this balloon is moussive, er, massive! After trying other large figurine balloons from Cattex and Cz&F, I thought I knew what to expect. But I still wasn’t prepared for how large this mouse head is.

    And even inflated to the rated size, it’s still amazingly soft and stretchy. Despite the incredible softness, it’s surprisingly strong.

    I was expecting it to be tricky to get the ears inflated evenly. But by simply following the instructions provided with it, I was able to inflate it perfectly on the first attempt. I would recommend inflating slowly and going by the rated size rather than the tightness though. All in all, an incredible balloon that I would definitely recommend, just make sure you have plenty of room for it!

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