Big Bulb – 36″ Wide Neck Round Balloon

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The BIG BULB (BV38LN) is a big round balloon with an incredibly big, long neck. When inflated it looks like a huge light bulb. It gets really big when you inflate it once. But if you inflate it twice, it gets a lot bigger the second time. Don’t settle for a 32” wide neck. This one will amaze you.

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
56 inches tall  36 inches wide on first inflation
67 inches tall  41 inches wide on second inflation

See Special Inflation Instructions Below

Colors Available: Red, Blue, Yellow,  Purple, Green, and Clear. We cannot guarantee colors, but please specify your preference in the Order Notes box at Check Out and we will do our best.


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Big Bulb – 36″ Wide Neck Round Balloon

Approx. Inflation Dimensions:
56 inches tall, 36 inches wide on first inflation
67 inches tall, 41 inches wide on second inflation

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Special Inflation Instructions

To inflate the long neck that these balloons have, you can follow these simple instructions.

Hold the body of the balloon in such a way as to prevent it from inflating.

Inflate the neck of the balloon fully. When the neck is fully inflated, release the body of the balloon and inflate to its full size.

9 reviews for Big Bulb – 36″ Wide Neck Round Balloon

  1. Miko

    This has to be one of my favorite balloons made by anyone, anywhere! These get to my size and have incredible necks, and the perfect strength and softness to me. I’m a bit of a sucker for size at the 36″ range (and these go past that!), but check out the BVQ24 for a slightly smaller make.

    This is the biggest balloon with the biggest neck, which is a bit of a dream to me!

  2. ℭ𝔦𝔭𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔒𝔟𝔰𝔠𝔲𝔯𝔲𝔰

    This balloon changed how I look at balloons FOREVER. The size, the softness, the strength, its truly hard to explain just how exceptional these balloons are. This is the single highest quality balloon I have ever had the great pleasure of owning. I can only praise them, I’m rather cynical and can find no flaw, perfection. The day the master craftsmen behind this magical place makes a 48″ version or, I’m shaking at the thought, a 6 foot size I think my heart may leap from my chest in joy. I’m unsure of the challenges that may bring but I know proprietor of TBV is the one for the job, not one better pick on earth, for both these balloons and making them.

  3. Tim

    These are some utterly amazing balloons, and honestly, it’s impossible to tell just how big they will really get! When it says “approx. inflation dimensions,” it really does mean approximate, because you can definitely go larger than that if you’re brave. They’re super stretchy and soft even as they get close to the approximate dimensions. I prefer a little more firmness, and inflating one inside of another worked perfectly fine for that too! This thing completely dwarfs a cattex longneck. It’s not even close.

  4. Wolfgang Dele

    With these balloons, I have the feeling that they get even bigger with every next production. The first balloons I received were really big but the ones from the second order eclipsed everything. Especially a yellow one of these great balloons really knocks me off my socks, my neck has become huge and together with the balloon body it already goes up to my chin and the body is not even fully inflated yet. So far it has reached a total length of 1.50 meters and it’s not over yet. These balloons are the best you can find on the market and are worth every penny.

  5. Scott

    This thing gets exceptionally huge! On my third inflation it was over 7′ tall and over 4′ around! A lot of fun with a lot of give to it!~

  6. Wolfgang Dele

    Mir fällt nur ein Wort für diesen Ballon ein. Wahnsinn. Ich liebe ja große Ballons und ich liebe lange Hälse bei Luftis und hier bekomme ich beides in einer Form die mich begeistert und mir vor Freude die Knie zittern lässt. Ich kannte ja bis jetzt nur die großen 32 Cattexballons in dieser Form aber die Ballons lassen ihn klein aussehen. Auch wenn es lange gedauert hat bis ich endlich mal welche bestellen konnte es hat sich definitiv gelohnt. Und wenn ich es schaffen sollte werde ich auch noch den Grand Moab bestellen weil dann flippe ich glaube ich ganz aus. Danke für diese tollen Ballons.

    English Translation: I can only think of one word for this balloon. Insanity. I love big balloons and I love long necks at Luftis and here I get both in a form that inspires me and makes my knees tremble with joy. So far I only knew the big 32 cattex balloons in this form, but the balloons make it look small. Even if it took a long time until I could finally order some, it was definitely worth it. And if I should make it, I’ll also order the Grand Moab because then I think I’ll freak out completely. Thanks for these great balloons.

  7. Redwood

    These balloons are positively incredible. Not only are they made from the softest latex you’ll ever feel pretty much ever, but they’ll just keep stretching and stretching to absurd sizes. Though the bulb is only rated to 36″, this is an extremely conservative estimate–on second inflation, it will easily push up beyond waist-height (easily 45 inches) at full size. I’ve inflated this one to a total length of about 95 inches–so large it went from the floor to the ceiling in my living room. And the amazing thing? While it was firm, it still had give, and I bet it could have gone another 5 inches. I may finally find the size limit on this magnificent balloon, but thus far it’s bested my lungs!

    This balloon is enormous, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better giant neck out there.

  8. Daniel

    It’s been a while since a balloon has whipped me while inflating. I can usually inflate a couple of Chinese 36″, or maybe an Olympic 45″ and a 36″ to necking before is start getting light headed. This thing had me worn out at about 90% LOL. But man, its worth it! You can tell that this thing is tough. Under inflate it some, and it should be able to take some good abuse.
    Just a heads up, if you want to mouth inflate, invest in some large balloon valves, as the mouth is about the size of a 55″ Cattex or larger. Even my big mouth isn’t enough to cover it lol.

    All in all, another great one. Can’t wait to see how much bigger it’ll go.

  9. Rascalov Toyger

    What a bright idea! This big bulb is a dream come true for anyone who likes a huge balloon with a long, wide neck. It’s the same basic shape as the Cattex longneck 32, but much bigger and softer. Unlike the Cattex, which starts to feel tight around the rated size, this one stays soft even fully inflated. Pre-stretching the neck results in an incredibly long neck that gets even bigger when the bulb is squeezed. Despite the wonderful softness, it’s still quite strong. Overall, a delightful balloon that I highly recommend to anyone who likes long necks.

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